Technology Services

Powering the IT transformation through our services to reinvent your enterprise to be Intelligent and Connected...


PayAccel delivers state of the art technology services, spanning across systems integration services including application architecture, development & deployment, application management services, Legacy modernization and Mobility. We combine business and industry insights with innovative technology to accelerate your IT transformation to enable your business growth.

Legacy Modernization

Many enterprises today are experiencing issues with decades old legacy systems such as, multiple application platforms that performs similar function, higher capital and operational expenses, unsupported software, shrinking knowledge base, inability to integrate with digital channels. Does your enterprise have a similar IT legacy landscape ? We offer legacy modernization services to accelerate your IT transformation, to enable your applications to scale, operate at lower cost and integrate with digital channels seamlessly.


  • Develop modernization strategy and roadmap addressing business and IT objectives
  • Multiple modernization approaches including, Replatform, Remediate, Revitalize and Replace to choose from and a combination of approaches that best suits your enterprise IT strategy
  • Be consistent to the market through iterative development approach leveraging Microservices architecture to transform your IT systems into digital ready mode
  • API’s to integrate with digital channels improves business agility and growth

Systems Integration Services

To compete and stay ahead in the digital era, your enterprise IT must be an enabler for your business. Whether it is to deliver intuitive omnichannel user experience, the ability to integrate with digital channels to create new revenue opportunities or being consistent to the market with new features and functionality, agile IT is the catalyst. Industry standard business, application, data and infrastructure architecture and design practices are key foundational layer for your success… need help in the evolution of your lean and agile enterprise integration?


  • Industry standard architecture and design practices for high performing multi-tier application development
  • Loosely coupled lean integration with Microservices and API’s based architecture
  • Enterprise Application and Infrastructure Integration services
  • Technology and Transformation program management
  • Performance testing and configuration management

Application Management Services

To compete and stay ahead in the digital world, enterprises are adopting new technologies, process automation for improved agility and predictability. Continuous improvements across the technology landscape is a key foundational layer that supports improved systems stability, reliability and availability. Process automation is a key component to accomplish quality services delivery against the shrinking application management budgets.


  • State of the art technology and processes to provide quality services delivery
  • Continuous improvements to reduce the technical debt
  • Automation of systems monitoring
  • Alerting and notification processes across layers to prevent or proactively address issues
  • Process optimizations to improve the checks and balances
  • End-to-end outcome based SLA, OLA and KPI accountability

Enterprise Mobility

With increasing mobile adoption and transaction rates year over year, Enterprise Mobility is an integral part of the enterprise transformation strategy to deliver captivating user experience across channels to defend and extend your business. We help you develop your mobile applications, to enable deeper penetration opportunities for your products and services.


  • Intuitive UI/UX and responsive design for seamless omnichannel user experience
  • Native iOS and Android application development
  • Industry standard architecture and design for high performing application development
  • Services and API’s for standardized, seamless integration and adoption
  • Iterative, agile development for consistent delivery to the market place
  • Customer centric approach for high quality and on-time delivery

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