Let’s accelerate the healthcare IT transformation to deliver value based collaborative care and shift to digital healthcare ecosystems…


PayAccel is committed to leverage our dedicated work force to collaborate with healthcare providers, payers and product organizations, to continue to drive the healthcare paradigm shift.

A shift to the outcome based, patient centric quality care delivery with improved patient experience while improving the business performance of the care providers.

Digital Health Solutions

Leverage our broad industry experience, deliver digital health solutions that improve the patient’s health outcomes and reduces the cost of the healthcare

Electronic Health Records

Systems integration is our core capability, EHR integration delivers centralized health data for all the providers for seamless care delivery

Provider Analytics

Extract, transform and load your data to deliver analytics capability for provider and coordinated care organizations to improve the quality of the care at reduced cost

Internet of Things

API’s development and integration is in our DNA, Integrate with IoT compliant healthcare devices that extracts and transmit the health data to providers for personalized care delivery

Collaborative Care

Empower ACO’s success by bringing providers, Care Managers and Members to collaborate and deliver quality and outcome based care at reduced cost

Patient Centric

Connect with your patients for personalized care delivery across the care continuum with our expertise developing personalization

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