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Digital Strategy & Transformation

We captivate our customers right at the intersection of Digital Strategy, Architecture and technology to realize the big dreams through Big Data, Analytics and IoT. Harness the power of IoT and data from connected devices, accelerate your business agility...

Big Data & Analytics

Key Challenges

  • Multiple sources of truth for key data assets with high redundancy
  • Unavailability of right data for the right audience at the right time
  • Inability to gain insights for targeted campaigning and promotions
  • High operational, maintenance and storage costs


  • End-to-end consulting, systems integration, testing and implementation
  • Industry standard frameworks and tools to accelerate your Big Data transformation journey
  • Domain centric solutions to deliver business “value” at improved speed to market
  • Rapid prototyping



  • Intelligent integration to ensure your systems can connect and communicate with smart devices
  • Paradigm shift from reactive mode to predictive mode, with real-time monitoring, communication and detection to help prevent incidents
  • Real time insights into the customer utilization and behavior patterns for predictive analytics
  • E2E visibility into your value chain for optimization


  • Technology consulting for end-to-end strategy, architecture road map, systems integration services
  • Application development and integration
  • API development and lean integration
  • Rapid prototyping

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